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Volunteer Opportunity
Volunteering at the City of Whittlesea
Did you know Volunteering is good for you? Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in your
local community. Getting involved in volunteering not only builds the community, it can also:
• Reduce loneliness and isolation
• Increase your health and wellbeing
• Be a pathway to employment
• Lower stress
• Grow networks and friendships
• Increase your skills and knowledge

Volunteering Opportunities
City of Whittlesea offers a number of volunteering opportunities where we seek community
members who enjoy connecting with other people while bringing diverse skill sets and interests
ranging from;

• Arts and Crafts
• Musical talents
• Digital literacy
• Sport and recreation
• Cooking and food support
• Reading and creative Writing
• Conversational skills
• Bi-lingual
• And much more